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Life Lessons With Sharing

I came across an article today, “45 lessons written by a ’90 Year Old Woman.’ ” Upon reading it I saw that the writer is not 90 so I found the original post from Regina Brett. I want to share this … Continue reading

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I am a Butterfly

Geez – I am at it again. I am in the midst of changing my life up. Not sure where my musings will lead me and that is something I relish. I have a bit of an adventurous spirit to … Continue reading

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Crossfit and the Entrepenuer

A Crossfitter and an entrepeneur walked into a bar . . . . You know how that goes.  Where the principle characters in this age-old joke seem to come from different walks of life but they all and we all … Continue reading

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Social Media Butterfly

Sunday night and I am already getting into work mode. I have become a Social Media Butterfly! Social Butterfly LeNu Case I became aware that my social media input was taking quite a bit of my time.  This is due … Continue reading

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Breathing In

TGIF! This quote is for all of you self-employed crazies out there. I find that I have trouble putting my businesses aside and allowing myself a moment to relax.  So, this week I have started  working only until 5pm.  I … Continue reading

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Write It Down to Make it Real

“The discipline of writing something down is the first step toward making it happen”. Lee Iacocca Almost four years ago I was helping a friend of mine at a Flea Market.  I had closed my own business about a year … Continue reading

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Who Told You?

So, I have posted 5 blogs so far – perhaps not a huge milestone for most but a big one for me.  I am really enjoying this space and sharing with you tips and bits to help your professional and … Continue reading

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