Attack Back on the Brain Attack

Your most important asset to you is you.

If you are down and out you cannot give adequately to your family or business.

My head was pounding yesterday. I had already taken 2 different headache meds and to no avail.


I am pretty sure this brain squeezer was a stress headache. However, my stress levels have been so high lately that it might be a muscular thing too as I carry not so great thoughts in my shoulders and neck. So, I leaned against a heating pad, drank a lot of water and watched Little G (a baby rhino cam) on a live feed.  Very relaxing.  Things were feeling a little better.

Life is STRESSFUL! I continue to practice my mini medis which is three deep thoughtful calming breaths randomly throughout the day but apparently this was not enough to stem the flow this time.  Stress you are a daunting foe but I will prevail!

I have an article I have saved in my Getpocket app from Real Simple – A Guide to Headache Remedies and I referred to it again today. It has different remedies for different cranial attacks. has some yoga poses to help alleviate a Tension Headache


I have done this one below before and it does help and even if you do not have a headache it is always important to take time out and care for yourself.


This list of Natural Headache Remedies from Hubpages is also really good and overlaps with some of my other suggestions.


Here’s to avoiding headaches or stemming them off at the pass!




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Keep on Going

I saw this last weekend. I adore her determination and kindness. A good heart will always find a way to help others. There is no formula for how to or what to do but simply to “do.”

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Bam! Instagram!

I am a fan of Instagram.


I like it because it is fun! Plus, it just feels that the rules for promoting your business are less complicated and so much easier to follow. Unlike Facebook you do not have to pay extra to get seen and the images you post get seen by all your followers. The additional benefit of being able to share a bit about who you are not just who your business is allows your followers to get a greater picture of your brand. I know Facebook has acquired Instagram but so far I see no adverse changes from that merger.

I found a few articles for you to check out and instead of relisting what someone else already wrote I am going to give you links.

Instagram 101: A Beginners Guide to Marketing on Instagram – Julie Blakley

8 Great Instagram Brand Campaigns – Julie Blakley

52 Tips: How to Market on Instagram – Wishpond

Tips and Tricks: How to Take the Perfect Instagram – Lauren Conrad


I am sure this is a good starting informational base for you. If you have more tips I would love to hear them!

Follow me and I will follow you too 🙂




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I am a Butterfly

Geez – I am at it again.


I am in the midst of changing my life up. Not sure where my musings will lead me and that is something I relish. I have a bit of an adventurous spirit to be sure.  I have written that I jump in to things but in reality I do quite a bit of thinking before I leave the proverbial dock.


One thing I am thinking of changing up is one of my businesses.  I have been looking at my numbers for this year and I am looking at the potential for growth in the next 1-3 years. I have EVERYTHING in spreadsheets and I can quickly glance from one year to another and see the truth about where I am. Is there a chance there? Have I capped out? Is pushing through to try to attain more worth the effort for this one. OR do I focus all my energy on my other venture which has as yet proven itself completely?  Risk, risk, risk!  The benefit of turning all my love and attention to the younger one is I can take it anywhere I want.  I can pack it in my car (with my two cats) and  . . . just . . . go.

The freedom of that allows me to take a deep breath and I would have more time for some things that are really important to me.

I haven’t shared these stirrings with my friends or family yet and I can pretty much predict their responses.  But, ultimately it is my decision on how and where I move forward. I believe in gut instinct and I believe in listening to me when it is about me. I will keep you all posted on my next move!

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts today.




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Yea Sayer Not Nay Sayer

Hi All,

I have been out of town for a while and I had a wonderful time! I enjoyed Portland, Oregon and the perfect mix of work and fun.


Talking to people all day for 5 days was exhausting and inspiring because everyone has a story to share. I met some amazing people who give unselfishly of their time and their hearts.

I recently wrote about how to say “No” graciously and honestly. But there is also a value in saying, “Yes.”  We smile when we say this small but powerful word. It brings action, adventure and education. It can bring us together and help us along.  It is a gateway, an open door, an endless possibility.

My habit is to be affirmative first. “Jane, do you want to . . . ?” is usually followed by a “Why not?” I am not talking about crazy stuff but chances to enhance my life or other’s lives.  I cannot find any studies on the facial muscles used to say “yes’ as opposed to “no.” But, when you try it, it feels as if you cannot help but smile a little when you are positive as opposed to negative.

“A nice person is a ‘yes’ person, whereas a good person is a person who accepts their responsibility in things and moves forward and tries to constantly evolve and isn’t afraid to say no or challenge someone or be honest or truthful.”  Miranda Kerr

There are people out there whose knee jerk reaction is to say “No” first . . . all the time.  I am always surprised by this.  How about mixing up the positive and negative? How about taking a chance, trusting your instinct and stepping out.  Portland was a last-minute decision for me and boy oh boy it was worth each Y,E and S.

“Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes.” Eleanor Roosevelt

There is a fine balance between the two and remember to take care of yourself too but jump in once in a while, the “yes” water is fine!



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Happiness and Gratitude

I saw this today and I wanted to share right away. Don’t miss an opportunity to let someone know they made a difference and that you care.



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Ordinary Shmordinary

I have been at a conference this week so blogging is limited. But, I have to share this story . . .


At a table near mine is a lovely, really an extraordinary beauty, of a woman who has created and runs her own counseling business. Another lady, a young lass from Ireland, walks up and they start to share their stories.  When one says to the other, “I am just ordinary, I am not any kind of special.” The other lady responds, “I am textbook sooooo ordinary!”

I overheard this conversation and I wanted to hug them both AFTER I gave them a brief talking to about labeling themselves as “ordinary.” I could see from one glance that neither of these women were to be overlooked. I believe we all have a special “shine” that makes each of us more than.

If you find yourself feeling as these women did, take a moment and consider what makes you special instead.

75c79a4bcf60cc56fe6b43e267b3a9e3Back to work for me!




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