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Dawn Gregson Does Not Give Up!

Dawn Gregson Does Not Give Up! If you crossfit you know we are in the season with regionals upon us and the games ahead in July. I read a lot of stories about athletes striving to get to Culver City … Continue reading

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Happy Man

Meet ‘Slomo,’ a man who has found his happy place. I really enjoyed watching this video. Video Cheers, Jane

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Bob, Me and Exercise Makes 3

I realized today that I have worked for 12 days straight.  I figure I can take Saturday completely off. Phew!!! When I keep myself this busy I still make time to exercise.  I have found it keeps me sane and … Continue reading

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Crossfit and the Entrepenuer

A Crossfitter and an entrepeneur walked into a bar . . . . You know how that goes.  Where the principle characters in this age-old joke seem to come from different walks of life but they all and we all … Continue reading

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