Sing a Song


I am back from a week long vacation with my Mom. It was amazing and came at just the right time!



I had put off taking a long vacation for a couple of years but I will not do that again! It is so easy to push that kind of necessary reprieve from our every day lives. The knots in my back are gone and I feel ready and excited to face this new week and the months ahead.

While I was in the airport coming home I was placed in a line for Southwest Airlines that was probably 300 people +/- deep. Never having seen a queue like this I took a deep breath and headed in. You know whenever you stack that many people,egos, moods etc together you can have a very unpleasant experience.

Not so in Seattle! A tall man began to sing and I turned my head to find where he was and who he was. I saw a tall, happy looking guy having so much fun and the woman behind me said, “That is my Reverend and he is like that all the time.” 

3ce10164e1785bef757ffaa1021f066cHe sang the entire time we were in line. Show tunes, spiritual tunes, Folk, Pop . . . he had it all! One would assume that somewhere a negative comment would have been voiced. I heard not one. All I heard were the voices from this large group of strangers singing together.  There was one Ticket Counter guy who stood up and sang too.

The line moved quickly thanks in large part to the Reverend who shared his voice and in part to all the “Line” who accepted his gift. 

Next time you are line, instead of getting angry or stressed, find your “song” and relax.




About Jane Told Me

Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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