Wisdom of a Stranger

Every once on a while you get a message from a perfect stranger that alters your day. You just have to listen.

I woke up this morning and took off as fast as possible. I had so much done before my 8:00 am crossfit class that I was almost more stressed.

At 11:00am I was in the Post Office sending a package to one of my favorite customers.   A friendly lady walked up next to me to fill out her mailing information and assured me she would let me go first. I thanked her and said that was not a worry as I was somehow behind today despite the fact I had been in go-go mode since very early.  She stopped what she was doing and said, “It sounds like you are very hard on yourself.”

This got me.  I stopped and turned to her and said, “maybe I am.”  I was immediately transported to a different mind-set. I relaxed, I took a breath and I was grateful for this kind person next to me.

As I approached the counter the Postal Worker I passed looked up and asked my friendly stranger how she was doing.  Apparently, she is currently fighting cancer and just started her chemo and just started loosing her hair.  Despite that she took time, a mere seconds and changed my day for the better.

Remember to breath, relax and be kind to yourself and others.



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About Jane Told Me

Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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