Attack Back on the Brain Attack

Your most important asset to you is you.

If you are down and out you cannot give adequately to your family or business.

My head was pounding yesterday. I had already taken 2 different headache meds and to no avail.


I am pretty sure this brain squeezer was a stress headache. However, my stress levels have been so high lately that it might be a muscular thing too as I carry not so great thoughts in my shoulders and neck. So, I leaned against a heating pad, drank a lot of water and watched Little G (a baby rhino cam) on a live feed.  Very relaxing.  Things were feeling a little better.

Life is STRESSFUL! I continue to practice my mini medis which is three deep thoughtful calming breaths randomly throughout the day but apparently this was not enough to stem the flow this time.  Stress you are a daunting foe but I will prevail!

I have an article I have saved in my Getpocket app from Real Simple – A Guide to Headache Remedies and I referred to it again today. It has different remedies for different cranial attacks. has some yoga poses to help alleviate a Tension Headache


I have done this one below before and it does help and even if you do not have a headache it is always important to take time out and care for yourself.


This list of Natural Headache Remedies from Hubpages is also really good and overlaps with some of my other suggestions.


Here’s to avoiding headaches or stemming them off at the pass!




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Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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