Ordinary Shmordinary

I have been at a conference this week so blogging is limited. But, I have to share this story . . .


At a table near mine is a lovely, really an extraordinary beauty, of a woman who has created and runs her own counseling business. Another lady, a young lass from Ireland, walks up and they start to share their stories.  When one says to the other, “I am just ordinary, I am not any kind of special.” The other lady responds, “I am textbook sooooo ordinary!”

I overheard this conversation and I wanted to hug them both AFTER I gave them a brief talking to about labeling themselves as “ordinary.” I could see from one glance that neither of these women were to be overlooked. I believe we all have a special “shine” that makes each of us more than.

If you find yourself feeling as these women did, take a moment and consider what makes you special instead.

75c79a4bcf60cc56fe6b43e267b3a9e3Back to work for me!




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