Yes to the No

I received a request today to be a part of another expo. It is not one that would serve my business or the event planners. In the past I would have just gone ahead and done it. But, I have learned ever so slowly that sometimes the best first answer is “No.”

For me there are two obvious reasons to turn down a request right away. However you can do it in a nice way that does not close the door forever. Because in business we need all the doors we can open!

1. You are not qualified – Be polite and thankful and recommend another source or explain exactly your limits in a way that does not “limit” your future success.

2. You do not have time – this is a reality and overcommitting yourself does not help anyone. Be honest about that.  You can also offer to do a smaller part if you still wish to participate.

It is a compliment to be asked to this Expo and I wrote a professional and kind email response.  I do not feel guilty which is how a lot of people do feel when they put their needs first. We are trained to believe that putting ourselves second is rule of thumb.  It is not, though, when it benefits everyone.

“Saying ‘no’ frees you up to say ‘yes’ when it matters most.” Jacquelyn Smith Life is a two way street and pay attention to the commitments that “feed” you and the ones that “starve” you.

There are times when you make a commitment and due to life/business changes you have to cancel.  This is where you can also be courteous, kind and professional as well.


It is the middle of the week and we are ALL looking forward to the weekend. Try not to exhaust or overextend yourself so far you have no energy left to have some fun!




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Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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