The Shift

In a rut?

I have been. 2014 has been rough and I am not entirely sure why. But, last weekend when I paid my gardener something changed.  I accidentally put too much cash in the envelope I leave for him each month. He is very kind and honest and knocked on my front door to tell me what I had done.  As I reached out to take back the extra money I saw him hold onto it a little tighter.  This was not a conscious action and so subtle it was almost unperceivable.  I looked at him and said, “Oh, well then keep it and thank you for doing such great work!” He smiled ear to ear and waved as he walked back to his truck.  Things shifted that day and I think it was that small event.  We never know when the shifts come and sometimes we do not know why.

Refinery 29 has a GREAT article today with 8 suggestions on how to shake up your life. I just had to share!



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Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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2 Responses to The Shift

  1. mybodymytime says:

    Great post keep positive

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