Selfishly Using a Selfie

Life is learning . . . forever. I am constantly reading articles and talking to people about what they do and how they do it because I know I can always do better.

I have written about social media before with suggestions on how to use this fast moving machine to increase your business. I have my social media calendar and I am constantly tweaking it as this machine changes and grows.  The one thing I have not embraced yet is the “Selfie.”  There is one person I follow and all they post is pictures of their face with no story behind it.  Admittedly, this drives me CRAZY! I need a story! I digress . . .


Last week I came across an article on using the “selfie” for your business.  6 Genius Ways to Use Selfies in Your Marketing by Kim Garst has some easy helpful tips to integrate this aspect of social media. I am participating in an expo next weekend and I am going to create a “Selfie Special.” I will let you know how it turns out.

How do you use the Selfie for your biz?




About Jane Told Me

Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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