Leave a Message After the Beep

I have pet peeves and I know I have written about them before.

Near the top of my list? The sales phone call where no message is left. They can arrive any time of day and they are repeated calls.  Again, no message . . . . ever.  The world has voicemail. You can choose to ignore it or wrap it into your sale plan.


I do my reverse number search and I find that at least half the time the calls are coming from a human being NOT a computer. So frustrating.

Leave a message people.  If it is important enough for you to call me at 8am, it is important enough to leave a message.

What’s the risk?  The more times you call the less likely it is I will answer.  Perhaps I am different than other people. My Dad always said I was an original. Thanks Pops.

“Cold-calling is never easy, but here’s a very quick phone sales tip I’ll share based on what I’ve been watching my phone do the past few weeks.  I’ve had a company (we’ll call “X”) calling me every day for the past 3 weeks.  They have never left a message, but I know they have called because their name appears on my “Missed Call” list.  Unfortunately, “X” will never connect with me because I’m annoyed by their persistence.  . . .   They call at nearly the same time every day.  If they can’t get it through their head by now that I’m rarely in the office, then they never will.” Mark Hunter

Okay – so I am not alone in getting frustrated with this tactic.

“If you never leave a message, you are ensuring that you are unknown.

… You need to be known, and you need to be known as a value creator. You aren’t accomplishing either of those things by not leaving a message.

Instead, when you finally do reach your dream client contact on the phone, it is the very first time they have heard your voice. They have no idea of the effort you have made to contact them, how much you want to work with them, or that you can be valuable to them. You have no record of making an effort to reach your dream client.” S. Anthony Iannarino

Now, when you do leave a message pay attention to your tone, pitch and timing. What’s worse than getting a message from Speed Racer on a sugar high?  If I cannot understand you I am not going to spend the next 10 minutes replaying your message over and over. I read a tip somewhere that writing down your phone number at the same time you are saying it will help slow you down.

Being a salesperson is hard work – I respect that. In fact, I have been the cold caller for jobs in the past. I remember for one company I had been given a long list of potential clients. I called so many companies that when someone actually responded I forgot what I was selling!  There are different schools of thought on whether or not to leave a voicemail but why not give it go? You never know.





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