Road Rage and Me

I had a busy week but a happy week. I am out of town again at an Expo so I was buzzing around getting everything done for the business I am traveling for and the one that stays at home.  Now, now, don’t feel sorry for that one, she gets a lot of good attention and love from me.

I was on the road finishing up errands when I came to an intersection where the two right lanes are supposed to turn right. For some reason the fella in the truck at the light was not going to budge. My guess is he got into the wrong lane thinking he could go straight. This happens, it’s called life.

The honking began pretty quickly in earnest in front of and behind me.  Cars began to go around and access the open lane (this is a LOOONNNNGGGG light). I decided to go too. I had a lot to accomplish before I hit the highway for my trip.

As I pulled out the car in front of me did the same. I hit my brakes as another car came barreling down the lane ( he too had moved over like us).

There is so much to be said for how people react to incidents.  There was no actual contact between the cars thank goodness because this guy behind me would have imploded!

He lay on that horn with such vigor and flagged his middle finger at me with such vehemence I was shocked.  The car in front of me had continued on down the open lane and I moved forward to the relaxing tune of “beeeeeeep, beeeep, beep!” I was now at the intersection and the anger ball was as close to my rear bumper as he could get without having to wear a seatbelt in my car.

Wouldn’t you know – the cross traffic had started and I could not turn right.

Oh Crap!

The guy – yes a man – opens his car door and starts to get out.

I am scared. I lock my door. I take 3 quick breaths – as mini a mini-meditation as I could muster.

He is now yelling profanities at me and is starting to go around his door.

I am 5’1″ and quick but Holy Cow!

By the grace of all that is Holy the light turned green! I hit that gas so fast.  He tried to catch me but traffic was not on his side. I looked at my side view mirror to see him still “saluting” me with his middle finger and trying to catch up to me.  I was thinking about where to turn to get off this street and away from him.  As he neared my car the car in front of me pulled out right in front of him.  I could not believe it! He slammed his brakes again and did the same soft shoe he had done for me.  He was now yelling at both of us. He headed down the road after the other car and I was out of his line of fire.  I mustered my thoughts together and sent him a “protective bubble.” When I see bad drivers on the road I send out positive thoughts to protect them. I don’t know if this works but it always helps me stay positive and kind.

I was shaking pretty hard. This man had gone out of his way to let me know how unhappy he was.  I understand that driving can be stressful and other drivers make a mess of things.  But, he made everything so much worse. I am still freaked out a little typing this.

Interestingly, last night I was reading, “Thrive,the Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder” by Arianna Huffington. I am really liking this book by the way.  I have been practicing my mini-medi’s. These are quick 3 deep breath breaks from my day where I take the oxygen and positive energy in and feel it flow into my body and soul.  I have lately been doing this at traffic lights. Oh the irony.

“There are many forms of meditation, but whichever form you choose, it’s important to remember that it’s benefits are only a breath away.” pg 41, Thrive.



Via Pinterest

It is helping me to reduce my stress during the day AND helping me to focus.  I think this guy needs a quiet time out – don’t you?

On the highway to Arizona I saw two very near misses – one was a Military truck (HUGE) that tried to move into the lane of a much smaller car.  The other was an elderly gentleman who decided to get off the highway by going almost directly sideways into the front of the car next to him. No one got hurt, no one honked. I peeked into the cars as I passed or they passed me and everyone looked calm.  It was nice to see.

Road rage can be a dangerous way to handle a situation.  If you find yourself overwhelmed by the driving skills of another. Try my mini-medi. It is amazing what breathing can do.

“It’s important to keep in mind that road rage isn’t some uncontrollable phenomenon. As drivers, we each have the responsibility to be as safe as we can. We also each have the choice over whether to engage in aggressive behaviors or retaliate against a real or perceived insult. So the next time you’re driving and someone cuts you off or honks at you, try to keep a cool head and set a good example.” Jonathan Strickland

What do you do when driving makes you crazy?

Cheers and happy to be in my hotel :),



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