How Sweet A Tweet

To tweet, when to tweet, what to tweet . . . tweet . . . tweet . . . tweet!


I admittedly have never been a fan of twitter until recently. I took some time and read up on some great guidelines or “tweet”lines from Twitter business.  I now have a schedule I have set up and input into my Social Media calendar.  That way I can pre-tweet up to 2 weeks in advance.  Also, I just do not have any desire to tweet more than a few times a day AT MOST. I know I get completely frustrated whenever any of my social media feeds are glutted by certain users.  So, although my tumblr and instagram and Facebook accounts are linked to the small blue bird I still do not pass every post along. Too much for me as a reader!

“It’s not just about optimizing every single Tweet, but about building a compelling way for your followers and Twitter users to connect with you.” Twitter’s Media Blog

I am trying to be better about using hashtags. I was stubborn at first. I can’t explain why.  My goal now is to use current popular hashtags to help increase traffic and tweets for my business twitter account.  I am late on this I know.

I have been adding more photos as those seem to increase performance also.  I have yet to add videos as I am not a video person YET. That is coming.

I am just trying to get it all right. I know there are now so many guidelines to follow and suggestions to try.

This article has a negative title but is actually helpful. 10 Signs Your Using Social Media Wrong (

I use Hootsuite to gather all my social media accounts onto one platform but there are more options. 14 Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs for Managing Social Media  (

Have yet to join the flight of the Tweet? Twitter Basics (Twitter) and 31 Twitter Tips ( are informative articles.


Who knows what will be next but for now I will have to fly with this flock.




About Jane Told Me

Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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2 Responses to How Sweet A Tweet

  1. I have just recently been exploring the Twitter world (as well as the Tumblr and WordPress worlds) and I have been having trouble trying to discern when and what to post and its all going quite slowly for me! This article is really helpful and encouraging, Thanks (:

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