Oh The Irony

Two weekends ago I went home to visit my Mom and my youngest son (in college . . . where does the time go?!).

I dined on a delicious meal of homemade pizza and had a wonderful evening at my friend’s house.  After espousing the statement, “I NEVER get sick,” I knocked on wood.  Firm in the belief that I had yet again dodged the cold and flu season for another year I headed back home the next day.

By Wednesday I felt it coming on. I told myself again, “I never get sick!” Thursday morning the bugger was moving all his belongings into my stubbornly optimistic body.  I headed to Crossfit determined to divert the tell-tale ill signs into “slightly under the weather.”  Friday morning as I was about to do the 14.3 wod for the Open I told the coach that I had to get through Saturday at noon and then I could be sick.  I had too much to do. I also believed that by mentally postponing this evil doer I could actually never really give in to it.

By Saturday at noon, feeling accomplished for the week I tanked. I tanked HARD!!! I have been home for 3 days.  What have I learned?

1. Knocking on wood as a means to ensure success is dead to me.

2. Honey is the nectar of the Gods.  Nothing is helping me feel any better than a spoonful of Honey. Thank you Ms. Poppins.


lookhuman.com – cute raglan

3. I should have listened and slowed down last week because I think pushing through made it worse. But, when you are self-employed it is really hard to give yourself a day off.

The way I approached this assault on my body is the same way I approach most things.


I am determined and I believe I can get stuff done.  My green visitor is a subtle reminder that sometimes the best laid plans and beliefs fall a little short.

I will not get sick again for at least 3 years

. . . .

knock on wood 🙂



 10 DIY Cold Remedies

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Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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