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Like a lot of us I have had some will power issues.  Why is that and what can I do to improve my chances of success?

“Twenty years ago, psychologist Roy Baumeister proposed that humans have a limited ability to exert self-control. He and his colleagues have compared self-control to a muscle that can be overworked and grow fatigued. The more self-control you exert now, the less you’ll have when you need to make another decision five minutes from now. This will be a familiar concept to anyone who has had to work near a candy bowl or a plate of brownies that a coworker brought to share. You might be able to resist them for the first hour, or even the second, but eventually your self-control will crumble and you will succumb. ” Rebecca Schwarzlose

I know that on Monday morning I am set to go with a list of do’s and don’ts for the week.  There is a lot of energy and desire to be successful.  I do slip up but that is part of my journey. For me, I have learned to step into a big goal with baby steps.  I break it down into smaller parts and set a time line to finish.

I used to drink a lot of caffeine.  I would get a headache if I did not have my morning java and I was also obsessed with where I would get my coffee if I was not at home.   As of today, I have not had caffeine in a year.  Wow, I just realized it is my ANNIVERSARY!  That was the hardest thing I have ever given up.  It took a lot of willpower and I still miss it, especially at about 4p in the afternoon.  I did not go cold turkey but instead I decreased my intake over a few weeks and set a date to be completely off my pulse enhancer.

I feel much better and I know I cannot go back.


According to Wiktionary, willpower is the “unwavering strength of will to carry out one’s wishes.”  It can be exercised like a muscle and can get stronger over time.

Here are 6 steps to improve your Willpower according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

1. Monitor your behavior – write it down and be honest with yourself.  I keep my daily exercise on my refrigerator so I can see it and be motivated every day.

2. Form Healthy Habits –  “As once hard activities begin to feel routine, they require less willpower; you have to fight yourself less and that frees up valuable energy that can be spent elsewhere.”

3. Practice Every Day – If you do something every day it becomes a habit and it becomes a part of your routine without effort.

4. Control Your Environment – Your space is yours keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t. Simple as that.

5. Make Contracts to Avoid Arguing With Yourself – BUT, follow through on those contracts. Don’t cheat yourself.

6. Achieve Balance – “Because on any given day we have a finite amount of willpower, it’s important that we don’t deplete the well too soon. Instead of simply writing down obligations on your calendar, rank them in terms of the energy or self-control they will require.”

What take stye most willpower for you and how do you stay on track?



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  1. Helpful. Thanks for sharing.


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