Colors and the Workplace


What does this mean?

I read a Forbes article, “How to Use Color Psychology to Give Your Business an Edge” and I was so interested in it I had to share.


 My dream office is modern with lots of white, some dark wood and pops of color.  I believe in visualizing something is the best and first step to making it a reality.  According to the article, “Whether you’re wondering what color to paint the office, or you’re looking to redesign your retail space, the colors you choose can increase your chance of reaching your goals.”

According to this Pinwheel above my favorite color Red is not a charmer and my other favorite goes from amazement to distraction. I will let you figure out which color that is.   “However, there aren’t always universal truths about color. People of different cultures may have different thoughts and emotions about certain colors. Also, a person’s past experience can affect feelings about a certain color.”  Thank Goodness.

I went online and did some further research because I want what I want.  Google’s Buckingham Palace Road Office has recently been redesigned by Penson ( and I like it! It suits my ascetic. “Penson has moved away from the primary colors known from the Google logo, to achieve a more sophisticated yet space-like look.The colors help navigate through the office, it becomes more intuitive: for example orange is used for the workstations, and blue for sit-in corners.” Color Objects

Purple pillow in grey relax area geschaald

The world is a hectic multi channel visually bombarding place.  Our own slice of it should be one that creates a creative, low stress yet productive environment.  Blue may be the universally most popular color but I know the rainbow has many more choices for me.

Color Psychology has Seven Basic Principles – Meaning, Nature & Nuture, Context, Response, Reaction, The Trinity and Nuance. The Trinity makes the most sense to me because it is the mixture of your subconscious, conscious and unconscious that draws you to a particle color or repels you.

I ramble a bit today but my point is that perhaps a closer look at the colors you choose in your environment may help you AND me do it all a little better.



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Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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3 Responses to Colors and the Workplace

  1. Interesting, and right on time being that I’m about to set up an in-home office space. Thanks for sharing.


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