Bob, Me and Exercise Makes 3

I realized today that I have worked for 12 days straight.  I figure I can take Saturday completely off. Phew!!!

When I keep myself this busy I still make time to exercise.  I have found it keeps me sane and happy. Although today this is how I felt as I worked through 4 rounds of gruesome in my Crossfit class.


“People get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of their daily goings-on, that they forget their time in this world is limited. And for most, those limitations are determined by personal choices made each and everyday. Your ability to function is what makes all that hustle and bustle possible. There are a lot of reasons to workout. Looking good tops the list for a large portion of people, but what it really comes down to is your body’s ability to slow down deterioration. As we age, we slowly break down. Excess weight, poor nutritional choices, lack of mobility…they all contribute to speeding up that process. As morbid as it sounds, choosing to do nothing with regards to your health, is choosing to give up years you could be living. This realization makes the saying “do or die,” suddenly become a legitimate statement.” The Box Magazine

I felt accomplished when I finished even though I was over the time cap by 45 seconds.

I am also getting ready to run in my first 10k next month.  I have never run over 6 miles but I am pretty close to 10k and I will do it. Even if I have to jog part of it I will finish.


“Synthesizing a wealth of available data on the effect of running on various aspects of life, researchers at the University of North Carolina have projected the benefits of a hypothetical runners’ utopia. If 270 million Americans (basically everyone with the physical ability) chose to run regularly, we would collectively experience an increase in life expectancy of 5.6 years in women (6.2 years in men), we would cut $143 billion in our health care spending, we would smoke 48.1 million fewer cigarettes per day — and we’d lose a total of 200 million inches from our waistlines.

It’s not just our physical health that would improve, though. The research suggests that the reduction in anger and aggression that runners experience could result in 18% fewer divorces if everybody ran. Possibly even more significantly, if we were all runners, we’d collectively spend 14 billion fewer hours online, and 135 million fewer hours watching TV.

Honestly, exercise has never been a chore for me.  I grew up in a house with parents who encouraged my sister, brother and I to go outside rain or shine and play. My kids played on a team or two in High school as I did. Learning to play in a group and work together is a good life experience.  I am also convinced that exercising regularly helps me be more productive in my personal and business life.

So, as I look forward I will set business and personal goals with exercise sweetly placed to better enable me to succeed.



About Jane Told Me

Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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