My Kingdom For a Response

I stumbled upon this blog this weekend.

I always – well almost always – click through those extra highlighted links in other’s posts.  You never know where you might end up. I have gone so far past the original that the top of my screen looks like a long train of boxcars.

Dan’s blog has some very valuable entries! What a gold mine and I have it bookmarked! The one I am highlighting today is about all those emails that get avoided or voided.


In “Answer Those Damn Emails” Dan answers the question is there a good reason to not answer an email?

Not a good one at least. You are either sloppy, lazy, or undisciplined.  You don’t need to let your time be wasted and you shouldn’t feel threatened by not knowing the right response.  Email is just a conversation.  A discussion.  An opportunity to get to where you want to go.

There’s no other way to say this: Answer Your Damn Email!

Don’t run away from a conversation or feel threatened.  Be amazing. Stand tall. Be kind. Firm. In control. Keep heading towards where you want to be.”

I agree with this.  I try to answer everything. Even if I am just acknowledging that the original email was received.  I look at it this way, we are all busy, we are all trying to make our dreams come true, we are all putting ourselves out there and we ALL deserve a response.  My time is no more valuable than yours and I will not treat it as thus.  I also really dislike an “untidy” desktop and if I have a lot of unread, unanswered emails it gets to be visually stressful for me.

Besides, you never know what great things may happen when you hit, “send.”




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