STRESS!!!! My Nemesis!!


All hands on deck! Full Alert!

This is how I have been feeling for a couple of months. I have been letting my mind drift towards the potential negatives and feeling my shoulders tighten immediately.  This has been making me feel so exhausted.

My best friend told me to talk it out last Monday before we hit a trade show where we would be bombarded for four days. I am a middle kid, I keep things in and I am very choosy about whom I share my thoughts with.  But, I knew I had to let this go.  I mean when I say I felt tired it was to the point of tears. DO you ever feel that way?

You know when you have a necklace that gets tangled all of a sudden and you can’t figure out how it got so bad so fast?  That was me. But, I as I began to talk the knots in my mind and muscles out I was able to trace the source back to a simple emotion, Fear. It is not that simple really as fear comes from so many things.  Mine is this . . . that I will not succeed and I will confirm others beliefs (unfounded of course) that I will fail.  My eyes welled up as I said this out loud.  But, instantly I felt a weight being lifted.  I know my family and friends don’t think I am going to fail. Good Grief they are my greatest supporters!  As I head back into a normal routine this week I will continue to silence that negative voice. I will continue to practice my deep breathing and allow myself to accept the idea that I will succeed and already am.


I found this little diddy online today and I am printing it off to keep at the ready.  What do you all do to relieve stress or remove negative thoughts?

Breath Deep Everyone 🙂


About Jane Told Me

Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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