Kid President Makes My Day

Friday – finally friday.


Via Pinterest

I had a busy week because I am getting ready to go to the MAGIC Market Week in Las Vegas.  So, I did two weeks worth of work in one.  I am tired. When I get tired I can get a little down and maybe a skosh bit cranky. I love that term”skosh” because it is not too much and it is not too little.  I love going to this Tradeshow because I get to see what is coming in Fashion, I can go to some amazing seminars and I always meet new creative souls out there.  It is a win win for me.

I came across this video a month or so ago and have it saved in my Get Pocket account (I have mentioned this App before and I am still an Uber fan). I have watched it a couple times and Kid President just makes me smile. Today when I am feeling a little bit stressed and on edge he just reminds me to be kind and give someone a corn dog 🙂

Life is hectic, life is fun and I must remember to breath and share happiness with others. PLUS, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!!!! I am so lucky to be able to take a bit of my day and go for a hike with my Sweetie.  The complete benefit of working for yourself is you can go outside when you want to!


Happy Valentine’s Day!



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