Still Mothering

When my children were younger I gave them each two jars. One was a “Savings” jar and one was a “Fun” jar. They took the allowance that they earned from doing chores and split it between the money bins. It was fun to see their savings one grow and they knew how much they could use for fun.  It was a great system.

I set up a new system for myself this year to check my balances on everything every Monday.  I redid my Excel budget form to be more detailed and I am saving every single receipt.  Plus, I have always been open with my children about how much I spend each month to house, feed and cloth all of us.  I had my daughter write out checks one month when she was in fifth grade so she could see how much it costs to live.

So, it surprises me that she is now struggling.  She is a college graduate and has a full time job with insurance – lucky kid right? Plus, I still help her pay for groceries etc.  She is not earning a lot but she is doing okay.  I have asked her to keep all her receipts and keep track of where her money is going each month.  She has not done this.  I am in a strange situation because she is an adult but I need to play the “Mom” card here.


I know she is fiercely independent and smart and will probably resent my butting in. But, I think she may also be a little relieved.  I found these printables online and spent part of a day putting together this mini binder for her.  It is a pretty good system and a great introduction to getting into the practice of being on top of your finances.  The not knowing what your balances are is way too stressful. We all have enough going on.


Ultimate Mini Binder

I made one for myself also so we can get together and work on these if she wishes.  I am not giving up my excel sheet but it is easy for me to transfer numbers to the binder.  She is such a great kid and I adore the beans out of her! I am extremely proud of what she has accomplished and now I am just wanting to assist her a wee bit more. It is so hard to turn off that “Mom”button from being on all the time.

To all the Parents out there – I know how hard you work and question yourselves.  It is the most rewarding job in the world and you never have to retire 🙂




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