Crossfit and the Entrepenuer

A Crossfitter and an entrepeneur walked into a bar . . . . You know how that goes.  Where the principle characters in this age-old joke seem to come from different walks of life but they all and we all have things on common.

I started Crossfit a little over a year ago. I went to a free class with my very fit, collegiate athlete son.  I was hooked immediately.  I was challenged, breathing hard, sore and thrilled to be in the environment.

I believe in exercise. I run, hike, bike (here and there) and now I Crossfit too.  When I don’t get out and move my body my mind suffers and as a result my business does too.  I need exercise to keep calm, grounded and focused.  I really gravitated to crossfit because it challenges me. I have days that are good, days that are TOUGH and I like that every day is different.  It fits my life, my personality, and my entrepreneurial spirit.


There are a lot of life lessons to be had in a Crossfit class.  In the WOD (Workout Of The Day) you are working against and for yourself. You can compare your stats to someone else’s but the point for me is to try to be better than yesterday not better than the person next to me. I know that Crossfit has helped me get into better shape physically – I can carry A LOT of merchandise and walk a Trade Show like it was nothing!  But it has also helped me psychologically.

There is a WOD that is called a “Chipper.” ” ‘Chipper’ refers to a WOD that you have to chip away at in order to finish. It consists of a series of multiple movements (usually 5 to 10) where each athlete is trying to finish the entire thing as fast as humanly possible.” Men’s Fitness I can break up one of these tough, tough WODs into smaller bits and finish the challenge.  Isn’t this like life and business? When things are TOO big, tasks TOO overwhelming break them down, chip away at them.  When I do this I feel great.  Even when I am last I am still ahead of the guy on the couch.

As an entrepreneur I face challenges and obstacles, I face competition and goals, I face set backs and successes, I face the best of me.


I have found some Crossfit Blogs I like so far – there are many!

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Girls Who Clean –



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