Pinterest is Pinteresting!

Pinterest is Pinteresting!


There comes a point when I just assume everyone is doing something I am doing.  Today this is pinterest. I am not cutting edge or way ahead of the curve. I was talking to someone last week and they said, “Pinter  . . . what?”  My response was a kind guiding hand on their arm and a “This will only take a moment.”

I have been using pinterest for years and I have an account for both my businesses and Jane Told Me. Another reason I have a Social Media schedule!

Pinterest was founded by Ben Silbermann who was a previous employee of Google and is a brain trust with MIT and Yale in his credentials and his friend Paul Sciarra.  Their initial attempt was not all together successful but they persevered. “The basic idea behind Pinterest — which lets you create and share collections of stuff you like in any category you choose. . . Pinterest makes the process painless by offering a Pin It button that lets you grab pictures of your favorite things as you browse the Web. The site then collects the images on “boards” that other users can follow and comment on. Perusing other folks’ boards, featuring everything from picturesque travel scenes to oddly beautiful bacteria, is as enjoyable as building your own.”  This is a quote from 2011 when I had to get an “invite” to join. Now, anyone can participate and there are MILLIONS of users!

It is a great way to get yourself and your brand out there.  Take advantage of it!

1. Make sure your website is pin friendly.

2. When you pin from the web – “Pin the specific URL of a post to Pinterest (not the generic site URL) This is an important one! When you see something on a site that you want to pin, be sure to click on the post so that you pin from the actual post – and not the main site URL. Otherwise, once that post moves from the main page, no one will be able to  find it. (Similarly don’t pin from a google image search – pin from the site the image came from).”

3. CLICK THROUGH! I always click on the image because I want to see where it came from.  This can take a few clicks as we all share more and more. But, every once in a while an image is uploaded from a bogus site or a site that has nothing to do with the pin.  I do not want my followers to click to a weight loss site when they are looking for the source of my gardening pin.

4. Edit your Boards – give each a description. This will lead more potential followers to you. Also, clean out your boards especially if you are using Pinterest to promote and sell your merchandise.

5. FOLLOW others – following increases your experience and your potential.

6. Comment on Pins – don’t just pin but let others know why you pinned it.

7. Create Secret Boards – I have a couple SHHHHH.  I share a business board with a couple of my business friends. We share tips and info with each other.  This has become a great resource for us.

8. Create boards that are varied – I find when someone follows they usually follow all the boards not just one. Again, increased exposure.

Jane Told Me’s pinterest is new so I am having fun building this one up – check it out and give me a “follow.”.

Please share your Pinterest URL below in the comments se we can all find and follow you too!



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