Joshua Tree and Me

Last weekend my boyfriend and I took a spur of the moment trip to Joshua Tree National Park.  We needed a couple of days of hiking and being away from our computers and work.


What a tremendously amazing place.  Driving into the park with my eyes being met by the Dr. Suess like Joshua trees and Fred Flintstone rock outcroppings, I was in heaven.  We managed to get a quick hike in on Saturday afternoon to the Diamond Mine – no there were no brilliant stones to be found. But, the scenery and view were stunning.  We finished up at twilight and were so thankful we had mustered up our get and go and got to this natural beauty.

The next morning I was reading a newspaper about the park. There was an article all about the Joshua Tree.  How it got its name (Thank You Mormons), what it is used for, and where it lives.  What I found the most interesting was how and when it “decides” to grow a new set of branches.  It starts as one trunk and splits to two branches and those in turn split into two branches. And so on and so on.  This does not happen every year because the Joshua Tree needs just the right conditions to grow.


“Spring rains may bring clusters of white-green flowers on long stalks at branch tips. Like all desert blooms, Joshua trees depend on just the perfect conditions: well-timed rains, and for the Joshua tree, a crisp winter freeze. Researchers believe that freezing temperatures may damage the growing end of a branch and stimulate flowering, followed by branching.” National Park Service

I have a lot of trouble turning off my working voice and mind.  This past week I have been  “closing” my home office at 5p every day and that is helping a wee bit.  So, as I read the botanical facts of this tree, of course, I inferred my business into it.

I grew one of my businesses quickly.  Then, last year I decided to start another business. Busy, busy, busy was and is fun for me but as I wound down 2013 I realized I was a little too busy.  So much so I was losing focus.  I made a decision to downsize or “freeze” part of Chic Street Boutique (I rent spaces in bigger stores). I believed in order for me to find more success and make more income I had to let some of my store spaces go.  This month I will see a 25% increase in sales from last year.  I know this is because I am better focused and just not running around as much.  Like the great Joshua Tree the ends had to die back in order to grow more. I am adjusting my sales goal accordingly but I know I have made the right decision.  There is so much in this world we can learn from and I will forever think about the Dr. Suess Joshua Tree when I think about my business.

Sunday brought us a 7.2 mile hike to the Lost Horse Mine (named by the guy who found it because he found his lost horse there).  I was able to turn off the office voice in my head and breath.

There is no way I can express how much joy I experienced last weekend.  I am very thankful.




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Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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2 Responses to Joshua Tree and Me

  1. Love the last quote…I must take a step even if it’s just a toe out there ;=) Thanks for sharing.


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