Social Media Butterfly

Sunday night and I am already getting into work mode.

I have become a Social Media Butterfly!


Social Butterfly LeNu Case

I became aware that my social media input was taking quite a bit of my time.  This is due completely to not being organized enough.  So, I developed my own Social Media Calendar that I print out each week. I handwrite any changes or ideas and highlight when an item is completed.  I have it nearby so I can see what remains to be done. More importantly, I schedule whatever I can ahead of time. I use Hootsuite to pre-post quite a bit.

I plan to keep using my homemade calendar until I feel I have the right amount of tweets, pins, posts, tumbles etc.  There are some great formats already out there that you can download now. This one is actually close to mine.  But since I do online stuff for two businesses I wanted a little different format.


I have also heard so many people say, “I don’t have time for that. It’s too hard to figure out.” Etc, etc, etc.  I am a firm believer that if it matters to you you will find the time. Reaching out through Social Media should matter to you and your business. . . A LOT!

Having listened to many experts and “experts” talk about when and what to put out there on the great big Web I finally created my own rhythm and flow. It suits me for now but as I get better I will tweak my Social Media Calendar to my exact liking. It will change.  That is what entrepreneurs of small businesses are good at. We can see something, focus on that and fix it.  We can do this more quickly than a huge company because we are right there and can react immediately to any outside influences.

On the advantages of having a calendar, “Having a Social Media Editorial Calendar is great because it forces you to sit down and develop a content strategy, so you don’t hustle from one post to the next. If that happens, you often just want to post ‘something’, just to get it done. And then you forget about your customers and clients, because you are in hurry. What do they want to read? What information could be helpful for them?

It also keeps you in check with how much of your own content you are sharing. Your main focus should be providing valuable information to customers, not pitching your sale. Make others shine. Share their stuff. Then, sprinkle in some of your content.” Jupiter Labs

I have days I post certain types of things. For instance, on my Petula Poppy Facebook page I always share a “creative” quote on Wednesdays and a Recycle/Upcycle DIY on Sunday.

I like this Pinerly Marketing Calendar I found today on Pinterest.  It has some fun ideas and what days to share them on.


Try a calendar, find what works FOR YOU and make the time to get yourself out there.



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