Promises and Because I Said I Would


Middle of the week day.

Time to check up on some promises I have made.

I read about Alex Sheen in an issue of Spirit  magazine from Southwest Airlines.  His story struck a cord with me. Now, I think I am good at keeping my word but I know I slip up! Alex has created a wonderful way to make it easier to be true to your word.

For Christmas I gave every member of my immediate family a t-shirt and 10 promise cards.  I was thrilled when several of them filled out cards that day!

white-shirt-150x150  B.I.S.I.W. Tees

I filled one out and sent it along with a letter to my niece and nephew promising to write them every month.  I know that card is with them and they are expecting me to be good to my word. I will not let them down!

I also filled one out for myself and put in on the refrigerator so I can see it every day.  So far I have 3 very clean and organized drawers. Only 48 more to go!


I encourage you to take a look at Alex’s website and his Facebook page.  He even takes donations.

I am off to clean a closet – hi ho hi ho!



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4 Responses to Promises and Because I Said I Would

  1. Awesome concept!


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