Getting Yourself Out There

It is not to late to start some of those Social Media business resolutions! If you hear yourself say, “I don’t have the time,” perhaps these tips will help you make the time.

1. 5 Social Media Resolutions Businesses Need to Keep in 2014

Looking to grow your business? Do NOT underestimate the power of Social Media. This article from Volusion explains some Ad options for you.


2. Pinterest is a HUGE potential marketing and selling tool for you.  I have mentioned Andreea Ayers of Launch Grow Joy before and here she is again!

Are you blogging yet? A weekly blog can provide you with all the pictures and content you need to share on all the other social media platforms. Pictures and videos are highly recommended.

3. How to Add a  Video to Your WordPress Blog  – Jay BrownAfter trial and error I did a search and found this You Tube video that explains it easily.

After all the time you put into creating your online profiles and brand you do not want to forget to let your followers and customers know where else you can be found.

4. How to Add Social Media Buttons – I Gotta Create Blog


These four tips will get you going in your busy and successful life.



About Jane Told Me

Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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