Letter Writing is Not Dead

Last week I began to fulfill a promise I made on New Years to myself, my niece and nephew.

I am very excited because I have promised to write them a letter every month.  It is so easy to whip out a text or an email these days that I cherish the times I can put a pen to paper to someone I care about.  I went to the stationary store and picked out six cards for the next six months.  I also purchased some stickers to decorate the envelopes. Fun,fun FUN!

My Grandfather and I were pen pals until he passed away after I had already started my own family.  I loved receiving his letters and he was ALWAYS faithful in giving me a prompt response to my handwritten notes.  I still have those letters tied up with a  pretty satin ribbon.  They are so cherished.



I stumbled upon this article and it makes me smile to know that there are still other letter writers out there.

“The Art Of Letter-Writing Isn’t Lost On These Scribblers” Jennifer Weingart

‘… The average college student sends about 2,ooo texts every month. It’s likely that they don’t write even one letter . . . ” http://www.npr.org/2013/11/20/

Beyond embracing the pen to paper I am also thrilled to be sharing this with two of my favorite people . . . ever.

Do you remember when hand written notes were a daily occurrence in the classroom! I also saved some of those too. The best were from Marianne in Geometry class.  Pages of notes (and I still got an ‘A’).  They are hilarious!


Doing it Old School

I will write more about keeping my promises next wednesday!



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6 Responses to Letter Writing is Not Dead

  1. orianahh says:

    Reblogged this on Oriana's Postal Network & Blog and commented:
    Great new year’s resolution!

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  3. That’s such a beautiful idea and what a precious treasure. I love writing and sending kind, thoughtful cards. I intend to start writing again on a consistent basis to whomever my heart leads me to. You are so blessed to have that gift left from your grandfather…and now your passing it on to your niece and nephew. Just lovely;=) Awesome and inspiring post. Thanks for sharing.


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