Failure is an Option

“Those who wish to sing always find a song”
Swedish Proverb

I spent the end of 2013 with family and friends but I also spent time – overlapped into the first two days of 2014 – thinking hard about my business.  I knew things had to change and I had to make some tough decisions.

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I keep my financial information in spreadsheets so at a moments notice I can see how I am doing. I can easily compare 2012 to 2013 and set projections for 2014.  The retail business did not grow as much as I had projected and I needed my business income to grow.  What should I to do?

I believe I made some mistakes in 2012/13 that I began rectifying last week.  As hard as it is to admit I may have “failed” in some ways I really see it as a way to grow professionally.  I decided to downsize one of my businesses Chic Street Boutique to better focus on the retail space that works and pays the best. This will allow me to focus more time and effort towards my online business Petula Poppy.


There is SO much to be learned by “failure.” I put this word in quotes because it may be a real experience but it can be one of the most positive experiences you can have. I may have failed to reach my financial goals this past year but as a result I am better at seeing the real numbers and the real cost and benefits of certain decisions I have made and will make.

Andreea Ayres of Launch Grow Joy had an experience that she shares via You tube that is an example of how even when you try so hard towards a goal it may not work out. And that is OKAY.

“The lessons of the entrepreneur path have been fast and furious. In my previous life, failure was not getting the grade I wanted. The challenges of being an entrepreneur require you to risk failure and dissapointment every, single day.” B. Olupona


Should You Really Start a Clothing Line?” Busayo Olupona

I am a small business woman working incredibly hard every day to succeed  – I have a passion for what I do and that makes it easier.  So, here is to a new year full of good and bad and enjoying the ride.

I would love to hear about any challenges you have faced and figured out or are still figuring out. We can all learn from each other.




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