Turn That Frown Upside Down

January 2 . . . 2014.

The year has already gotten a hold of me and pulled me in!  You know those days when things like dominos lined up carefully will fall one after the other?  Well, that is my first 48 hours of this new year.

The key is, “How can I turn this around?”

ImageAustyn Wells

Every day I pull a card from my Dr. Wayne Dyer deck. As usual, I to chose the perfect one this morning.  The back side has a more complete description starting with,”Listen to your inner voice and promise that you’ll take positive action where you need to.”


Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling – 50 Card Deck

So, how can I turn this bumpy entry into a new year around? What positive action can I take?

I began by taking a minute and visualizing – thanks to Austyn Wells, my dear friend and all around tremendous lady – that I am protected and loved. Sometimes, well, all the time, the best thing is to step back and take a moment and try to see things differently.

Then there was the issue of the serious “glitch” with my online store www.petulapoppy.com where upon a very lucky lady found herself with a wonderful deal.  I fixed the issue and sent off her package with a smile and a coupon for future orders.  I am looking at this as a way to create a happy customer who will come back and recommend my store to others.

On to home front. I had to clean up after my cats (Teddy and Rascal) in the garage and had left a bottle of cleaning solution out. As I headed out to get the shipping supplies for the aforementioned lucky lady, I knocked over the cleaning fluid and it POURED out.  I took a moment and mopped the whole floor. Result – my whole house smells good.

So, rough start? Maybe but by midday things were looking up and smelling good!

Happy New Year Everyone!


About Jane Told Me

Busy bee like you. Two businesses and 3 kids. Still taking time to learn and share my experiences with you!
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2 Responses to Turn That Frown Upside Down

  1. Austyn says:

    Jane, thank you for the mention. It is an honor being your long time pal. 😉 You have richly deserved the nickname “Dori” for a reason, as you always find the positive. Thanks for being such a shining light!!!

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