Hi All,

Due to some changes in my life that have caught me by surprise – I am no longer going to be writing this blog. I have had so much fun here! 

I wish you all the best and take care of yourselves everyday.



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Life Lessons With Sharing

I came across an article today, “45 lessons written by a ’90 Year Old Woman.’ ”


Upon reading it I saw that the writer is not 90 so I found the original post from Regina Brett. I want to share this with you!  Take time to read, enjoy and share this valuable wisdom.

I liked #21 and #29

What about you?



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Sing a Song


I am back from a week long vacation with my Mom. It was amazing and came at just the right time!



I had put off taking a long vacation for a couple of years but I will not do that again! It is so easy to push that kind of necessary reprieve from our every day lives. The knots in my back are gone and I feel ready and excited to face this new week and the months ahead.

While I was in the airport coming home I was placed in a line for Southwest Airlines that was probably 300 people +/- deep. Never having seen a queue like this I took a deep breath and headed in. You know whenever you stack that many people,egos, moods etc together you can have a very unpleasant experience.

Not so in Seattle! A tall man began to sing and I turned my head to find where he was and who he was. I saw a tall, happy looking guy having so much fun and the woman behind me said, “That is my Reverend and he is like that all the time.” 

3ce10164e1785bef757ffaa1021f066cHe sang the entire time we were in line. Show tunes, spiritual tunes, Folk, Pop . . . he had it all! One would assume that somewhere a negative comment would have been voiced. I heard not one. All I heard were the voices from this large group of strangers singing together.  There was one Ticket Counter guy who stood up and sang too.

The line moved quickly thanks in large part to the Reverend who shared his voice and in part to all the “Line” who accepted his gift. 

Next time you are line, instead of getting angry or stressed, find your “song” and relax.




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Keep That Wagon Moving

I made a decision after months of thinking, adding, subtracting, tossing and turning to close one of my businesses.


Numbers are numbers and they tell the truth – which is I had to decide whether this one business was viable enough to attempt to grow further. I knew it was time anyway. I have put my heart and soul into this one and I experienced success with it. But, like an old pair of jeans that used to fit great this one just did not flatter anymore.

Honestly, I am relieved.  I am looking forward to focusing on the one business that really represents me and spending more time seeing my family, traveling  . . . whatever I want! I can carry my online store with me anywhere as it fits in a suitcase or two. Also, I learned SO much from this venture that my life and other ventures will be enhanced by it.

This year has been a tricky one to be sure. Luckily it has encouraged me to keep looking to the bright side. I was briefly worried that one situation would change the way I look at the world and others. But, it has not!

Change is a good thing and something I know I relish. Here’s to adventures in life!





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The Perfect Path

A Perfect Path

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Relax And Breath

This is perfect for me! I already do my Mini Medis but I like the added focus on relaxing the jaw and shoulders. Stress is carried in all parts of our bodies and just paying attention to a specific area can turn it around.

Let me know if you try this. 



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Every once on a while you get a message from a perfect stranger that alters your day. You just have to listen.

I woke up this morning and took off as fast as possible. I had so much done before my 8:00 am crossfit class that I was almost more stressed.

At 11:00am I was in the Post Office sending a package to one of my favorite customers.   A friendly lady walked up next to me to fill out her mailing information and assured me she would let me go first. I thanked her and said that was not a worry as I was somehow behind today despite the fact I had been in go-go mode since very early.  She stopped what she was doing and said, “It sounds like you are very hard on yourself.”

This got me.  I stopped and turned to her and said, “maybe I am.”  I was immediately transported to a different mind-set. I relaxed, I took a breath and I was grateful for this kind person next to me.

As I approached the counter the Postal Worker I passed looked up and asked my friendly stranger how she was doing.  Apparently, she is currently fighting cancer and just started her chemo and just started loosing her hair.  Despite that she took time, a mere seconds and changed my day for the better.

Remember to breath, relax and be kind to yourself and others.



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Your most important asset to you is you.

If you are down and out you cannot give adequately to your family or business.

My head was pounding yesterday. I had already taken 2 different headache meds and to no avail.


I am pretty sure this brain squeezer was a stress headache. However, my stress levels have been so high lately that it might be a muscular thing too as I carry not so great thoughts in my shoulders and neck. So, I leaned against a heating pad, drank a lot of water and watched Little G (a baby rhino cam) on a live feed.  Very relaxing.  Things were feeling a little better.

Life is STRESSFUL! I continue to practice my mini medis which is three deep thoughtful calming breaths randomly throughout the day but apparently this was not enough to stem the flow this time.  Stress you are a daunting foe but I will prevail!

I have an article I have saved in my Getpocket app from Real Simple – A Guide to Headache Remedies and I referred to it again today. It has different remedies for different cranial attacks. has some yoga poses to help alleviate a Tension Headache


I have done this one below before and it does help and even if you do not have a headache it is always important to take time out and care for yourself.


This list of Natural Headache Remedies from Hubpages is also really good and overlaps with some of my other suggestions.


Here’s to avoiding headaches or stemming them off at the pass!




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Keep on Going

I saw this last weekend. I adore her determination and kindness. A good heart will always find a way to help others. There is no formula for how to or what to do but simply to “do.”

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Bam! Instagram!

I am a fan of Instagram.


I like it because it is fun! Plus, it just feels that the rules for promoting your business are less complicated and so much easier to follow. Unlike Facebook you do not have to pay extra to get seen and the images you post get seen by all your followers. The additional benefit of being able to share a bit about who you are not just who your business is allows your followers to get a greater picture of your brand. I know Facebook has acquired Instagram but so far I see no adverse changes from that merger.

I found a few articles for you to check out and instead of relisting what someone else already wrote I am going to give you links.

Instagram 101: A Beginners Guide to Marketing on Instagram – Julie Blakley

8 Great Instagram Brand Campaigns – Julie Blakley

52 Tips: How to Market on Instagram – Wishpond

Tips and Tricks: How to Take the Perfect Instagram – Lauren Conrad


I am sure this is a good starting informational base for you. If you have more tips I would love to hear them!

Follow me and I will follow you too 🙂




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